Airport Boarding Pass

5 weeks | Spring 2014

School Project | Myself, Umeå Institute of Design

Problem How can the information given on the boarding pass assist the traveler and improve their traveling experience?

Collaboration Partner | Swedavia


I started traveling when I was 18, and have over the years had the opportunity to fly with a series of airlines. Something which I often found myself thinking about was the design and layout of the boarding pass. It puzzled med how something that is used so frequently, could differ so vastly from company to company and that none was able to create a boarding pass which was easy to use.

In this project, I have design a boarding pass which maintain the brand identity of the airlines, despite having the same design, have a practical format and an improved information hierarchy.

Research | boarding passes

In order to identify the different kind of information provided on boarding passes, I colour coded the information within the same group, sorted them and made a assumed hierarchy based on the order of use and importance. Boarding passes of today can be quite difficult to understand for both experienced and inexperienced travelers. They have different layouts, have inconsistent positioning of information, are difficult to read and difficult to understand.

1. Different layouts
2. Difficult to read
3. Difficult to understand
4. Inconsistent positioning of information

exploration | format

The format of boarding passes today is quite old fashioned. In conversations with Swedavia, it was said that there was no practical reason for today's format. Therefore, I explored the possibility of using the same format in a different way or completely changing it.

I ended up picking the format which fits into your passport. In this way, you always know where your boarding pass is and at the same time assuring that it stays readable for people with impaired eye sight.

Final design

The Airport Boarding Pass will ensure that every passenger gets more control and will be less stressed during their time at the airport. The information hierarchy will make it easier to know where to go, what to do and when to do it. Additionally, boarding will be more relaxed because your seat number is easily found in the upper, right corner.

1. Maintains brand identity
2. Improved information hierarchy
3. Consistency between airlines
4. Improved readability


The boarding pass is also available on smartphone to maintain a consistency. 

The boarding pass is also available on smartphone to maintain a consistency.