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How might we ensure patient safety through improving medicine management and administration in inpatient care units in somatic general hospitals in Sweden and Norway?

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Memo will be the result of a 20 weeks individual Master Thesis done during the spring of 2018 at Umeå Institute of Design in collaboration with the Hospital of North Norway in Tromsø.

Memo has been granted scholarships from Kempefonden and Brita-Stina Nordenstedt's Donation.

Expected to be completed June 3rd, 2018. 

Keywords: Master Thesis, Interaction Design, UX/UI, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Healthcare Systems

Project description

The purpose of this thesis is to explore product and service design opportunities within medicine rooms in local units at hospitals in Sweden and Norway, where current methods of medication administration, physical layout, procedures, and routines will be evaluated.

The aim is to find opportunities of designing preventive measures to common errors in administration of medicament through human-centred design thinking. The motivation and final result of this thesis is to design a concept of a product and/or service that ensures patient safety through eliminating risks of wrongful medicament treatment due to human errors, as well as improving the current work environment of healthcare personnel.


To be announced at UID Talks 2018, May 31st to June 1st. 



Research | Preview


Disturbances, Disruptors, and Time Thieves

After visiting 3 hospitals, completed 7 observations within 5 different medicine rooms, 2 visits to hospital pharmacies, talked with nurses, pharmacists, and leadership, summarized 5 different surveys answered by nurses and pharmacists - these are the 11 identified disturbances, disruptors, or time thieves nurses experience in the medicine room. 


Finding Patterns

In an effort to create a scalable design solution which will function well in several hospital environments, I have made a comparison of the survey responses, observations, and understanding from conversations with nurses, pharmacists, and hospital leadership. In this way I have been able to identify which areas that are unanimously necessary to focus on in my design solution.