Preventive Healthcare System for Teenagers and Young Adults Living with Psoriasis

How might we increase the health related quality of life in people living with psoriasis?


Project Outline

Núna is the result of a 10 weeks long Bachelor thesis at Umeå Institute of Design, Spring 2015. Scholarship granted by the Brita-Stina Nordenstedt's Donation.

My personal goal in this project was to explore and practice design research, arranging workshops, synthesizing, animation, and illustration.

Keywords: Design research, Industrial Design, Interaction Design, Healthcare


Between 250.000 to 300.000 people live with psoriasis in Sweden today. In this group, 50% develop psoriasis before they are 25 years old.

When living with psoriasis, one have an increased risk of developing comorbidities, which includes overweight, joint problems, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and depression, among others. 


Based on recent findings, people living with psoriasis can improve the symptoms of their condition through living a good lifestyle.

núna is a lifestyle system which will motivate and encourage the person living with psoriasis to acquire a good lifestyle in order to ease the symptoms of their condition, reflect upon and learn about one's health status, and to be a participant in the development of ones treatment. núna includes an app and an activity tracker with two different portable docks and a QI-charger.



Product Family | The Making of núna


The núna System

Through my user-testing and evaluation, I designed wearable components that seamlessly interact with and adds value to the núna app. The user can adjust how they want to wear it depending on the status of their current psoriasis outbreak. The design was co-created and evluated through a survey with 55+ replies from Psoriasisförbundet and Ung med Psoriasis, as well as my personal user testing and analysis of a current wearable from the market.


Introduction | Short Video


This video was specially made for the "UID Talks" and thesis exhibition at Umeå Institue of Design in June, 2015. It is a short teaser which touches the problem, the solution and creation of the núna-system.



Project Walkthrough | Illustrated



Workshop and Research


User Study and Workshop

Photographs from the workshop that was arranged together with Psoriasisföreningen in Umeå.


Interviewees | the professionals




To decide where to go after the first ideation process I preformed a user study through a survey. I created an animation movie to explain the three different concepts. This was done in order to ensure that the users who preformed the survey would understand each concept properly and subsequently give a thought through evaluation. Video is in SWEDISH.


Design | Shape evaluation





My podium and poster made for the UID Talks 2015 exhibition.