Sámi Packaging


Sameslöjdstiftelsen in Sweden inspired the task of creating packaging for traditional Sámi handicraft suitable for commercial use. A lot of Sámi duodji* today is sold without packaging, which works in its current contexts. However, Sameslöjdstiftelsen wished to expand their market and sell traditional Sámi handicrafts in other contexts, such as design stores and in airports. In these contexts, however, many products are packaged in tasteful packaging, giving the product an additional edge and at the same time advertising for the product's brand identity. 

The Sámi duodji packaging series which I created for this task is inspired by nature and the colours used in the Sámi flag. 

*[Duodji is a traditional Sámi handicraft, often with a functional purpose.]

1 week | Spring 2015

School Project | Myself

Problem | Create packaging for Sámi Duodji Handicraft for commercial sales.

Collaboration Partner | Sameslöjdstiftelsen




A description the person who made the product on the underside or back of the box. In this way, the customer can get to know the designer/creator and have a story to tell along with the product.


People who are unfamiliar with Sámi duodji might not understand what it implies. Therefore, through adding this information on the packaging gives the customer yet another story to tell.


Through making a cut-out in the front of the packaging allows the customer to view the product while it lies safely in its box. The pattern around the cut-out is the emblem. of "Authentic Sámi Duodji".


In order to prevent the packaging from looking like a cardboard container, the sides which are left with no practical use are decorated with a traditional Sámi weave pattern. 


The colour palette was taken from the Sámi flag and combined with a light carton texture. This was done in order to keep the expression neutral and not steal too much attention from the crafts themselves, but at the same time maintain the Sámi identity. 

In order to fit many different kinds of Sámi handicrafts into a unified, branded packaging, I created a series of boxes which could contain different kinds of duodji.

The Sámi flag.

The Sámi flag.

Colour palette. Click to enlarge.

Packaging format.

From the left: 1. Jewelry box, 2. Larger jewelry box, 3. Square box, 4. Knife box, 5. Rectangular box for knitted and soft handicrafts.